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Siemens Smart Grid will supply Mark-E with a virtual power plant (VPP) hosted IT solution that will allow the energy service provider to connect and bundle distributed power sources to offer balancing energy  via online trading platforms.

U.S. energy firm GE is to build a manufacturing plant for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC)  in upstate New York. Running on natural gas, the new design of SOFC will have lower cost and reach up to 95% efficiency, GE said but it did not disclose investment and start-up date of the plant.

UK engineering firms and universities are set to spend £30 million to jointly research advanced technology for use in gas turbines. The funding will include £8 million from the UK’s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) with the remaining amount contributed by over 50 private companies and universities.

The Federal Electricity Commission of Mexico (CFE) has announced it will tender $2.8 billion worth of projects to develop gas-fired power plants, grids and pipelines in the country before the end of this year. The tenders included two combined-cycle plants – the 928 MW North Central III and the 714 MW Central Guaymas II.

Brazilian construction group Grupo Bolognesi is to realise a 1,200 MW gas-fired plant that will rely on LNG from a planned regas terminal at port of Suape in northern Brazil. The power plant is estimated to cost $1.6bn and will be complete by 2019.

U.S. engine manufacturer GE is to provide three turbocharged J624 Jenbacher gas engines to power a new combined heat-and-power (CHP) plant in Mexico, to be operated by Enerkin SAPI de C.V.

A new generation of gas-powered fuel cells may soon be developed that operate at temperatures less than 500°C, following the award of a $1 million grant to the Georgia Tech Research Corporation by the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE). “The conventional process of converting natural gas to electricity has several drawbacks. Intermediate-temperature fuel cells (ITFCs) have potential to be twice as efficient as today's gas-fired and coal-fired power plants, potentially reducing CO2 emission by 50%,” Meilin Liu, lead researcher on the project told Gas to Power Journal.

The unfolding political clash between Russia and the Ukraine threatens to impact European Union policy frameworks and long term plans to replace coal with cleaner burning gas power plants, according to the Oxford Institute of Energy Studies.

Gas supply infrastructure for the 120 MW Musandam power plant in Oman is expected to be complete by the fourth quarter of this year. Once fully operational, it will be the state's first gas-fired power plant. 
The new infrastructure is part of final construction works on the nearby Musandam gas processing plant, with total costs estimated to come in at $600 million.

Laser repair for gas turbine components may soon be a commercial reality thanks to research from the National Research Council of Canada (NRC). “Potential savings include the reduction of maintenance cost, shortening repair cycles and extending component life,” Xue Lijue, lead researcher on the project told Gas to Power Journal.

Construction of the long-anticipated 200 MW Delimara gas power plant and LNG terminal in Malta has started with initial drilling work taking place this week, according to the island's Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi.

Israel's Public Utilities Authority (PUA) has issued new guidelines for power generators of how to handle domestic gas supply shortages. In such circumstances, private power producers will take priority as state-owned utility Israel Electric Corp (IEC) can switch to alternative fuels, such as gasoil or fuel oil.


News in Brief

SDG&E requests power purchase deal with NRG Energy

Jul 23 - U.S. utility San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) has asked for approval from the California Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to buy 633 MW of power from a gas-fired plant owned by NRG Energy in Southern California.

The request comes as a result of shortfall faced by SDG&E following the shutdown of its 2,150 MW San Onofre nuclear plant.

Scuderi files patent for dual-output power generation system

Jul 23 - Engine development company Scuderi Group has filed a patent application for a dual-output power generation system.

The new method utilizes a generator to simultaneously feed electricity to both an end user and the local grid and works with both conventional or Scuderi Split-Cycle internal combustion engine technology.

ABB to provide $35m HVDC upgrade in Canada

Jul 22 - Swiss engineering firm ABB is to provide a high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission link upgrade for the New Brunswick and Hydro Québec grids in southeast Canada.

The project is estimated to cost £35 million and will include installation of ABB’s MACH control and protection system and the upgrade of the valves and valve cooling system.

Siemens to build first European onshore power supply for cruise ships

Jul 22 -  German energy firm Siemens is to build the first European onshore power supply for cruise ships.

The company will supply a turnkey onshore power supply  for the  Hamburg Port Authority (HPA).  The system will supply electricity to cruise ships at the Hamburg Altona cruise terminal of all common sizes and electrical system designs, allowing them to turn off their own diesel generators and reduce harmful emissions during lay days.


SocGen sees full-year gas demand drop 8.5%

Jul 21 – In light of a 18.1% drop in Europe's gas demand since the start of this year, the French investment bank Societe Generale has revised down its full-year gas demand forecast from -5% to -8.5%.
The bank's 'focus group' represents 63% if total EU-28 gas consumption, building on data from Belgium, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain.

Norway test carbon capture to produce omega rich algae

Jul 21 - A pilot project at Norway's Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM) aims to capture carbon dioxide from power plants to grow omega-3 fatty acid-rich algae for fish feed.

If successful the novel solution will not only cut greenhouse emissions but will also boost Norway's aquaculture industry which is worth US$10.2 billion per year.​

AFC to develop South Korean fuel cell project

Jul 18 - Industrial fuel cell power company AFC Energy is to partner with Daniel Inc, a fuel cell focused power plant owner and development company in South Korea.

An initial project will develop a 1MW fuel cell system with a follow-on option for a further 3MW project making a total potential sales value of approximately $15 million.


Clarke Energy reaches 4GW total installed generation capacity

Jul 18 - UK turbine manufacturer Clarke Energy announced it has reached a total installed generation capacity 4 GW worldwide.

The company an authorised distributor and server provider for GE's Jenbacher gas engines and provides engineering, installation and maintenance for gas-fuelled combined heat and power plants ranging from 0.3-90 MW

Alstom to supply power transformers to grid operator Amprion

Jul 17 - French equipment manufacturer Alstom has won a contract to deliver six large power transformers to German grid operator Amprion.

The transformers will have rated power of 350 MVA / 400 kV and 600 MVA / 400 kV  and will be manufactured in Alstom’s Mönchengladbach plant, for delivery in late 2015. The project will modernise the substations in Niederstedem, Urberach, Pfungstadt and Walsum in Germany.

Silhospprodukt plans biogas plant in Ukraine

Jul 17 - Ukraine power firm Silhospprodukt plans to commission the first stage of a biogas plant in Kiev in 2015.

The plant will have a capacity of 2.25 MW and will be located at the existing Rokytne sugar factory.

Russia proposes BRICS energy bloc

Jul 16 -  Russian President Vladimir Putin has proposed forming a new energy bloc comprised of BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa).

The proposal includes an institute for energy safety, to increase the energy security of emerging nations, as well as a reserve fuel bank.

Enventure Partners proposes $450m Oakwood plant

jul 15 - U.S. developer Enventure Partners has propsed a $450 million gas-fired power plant in Oakwood Hills, Illinois. 

The plant will produce 430 MW of output but has so far met opposition from local residents over water usage.

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