Electricity supply shortages are affecting Libya's oil sector and compromise production at some of the country's largest oil fields. Hydrocarbon exports are vital to prop up the Libya's war-torn economy, but IMF analysts expect oil production will fall by another…
Earnings of German utilities stay squeezed as power prices continue to drop for baseload and peak power contracts, both on a forward and on a settled basis. Societe Generale analysis anticipates prices are unlikely to recover in the next several…
To curb subsidies for oil used for power generation, the Indonesian government must push for increased production of natural gas as a replacement fuel, the Oxford Institute of Energy Studies (OIES) argues in a recently published paper. “Natural gas can…
Wednesday, 26 November 2014 / Markets

UK gas consumption lowest since 2005

Natural gas consumption in the UK is due to hit a 9-year low this month, as unusually warm weather conditions in November and low sparks-spread for gas-fired power plants curtails the usage of the fuel and leaves storage inventories full…
National Grid's blackout prevention plan is in doubt after SSE's Peterhead power station, which is paid £250/MWh to provide electricity in an emergency this winter, has failed a test run.
The value of the global micro-CHP market will reach €3.2 billion in 2019, up from €0.9 billion this year. In Europe, however, engine-based solutions will continue to dominate, Delta-ee latest research forecasts.
The Indian government is considering financial support for around 16,000 MW of stranded gas-fired power plants via the extension of loan tenures and lower interest rates.
Concern over the availability of fuel supply has stalled the sale of 10 gas-fired power plants in Nigeria, according to the country’s Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE). Though Nigeria has vast natural gas reserves, the poor state of pipeline infrastructure…
  "The first UK capacity auction is not going to help us," said David Stokes, Director at Timera Energy. The target is 48.6 GW, based on the existing demand curve, but the existing confirmed capacity to bid at auction is…
New gas power capacity, and to some extent existing coal, will be vitally important to keeping the lights on in Britain for years to come, according to Rupert Steele, Director of Regulation at ScottishPower.  "In a cold winter, where gas…
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