Investments of at least $5 billion are needed to upgrade and stabilize Egypt's dilapidated power grid, according to government estimates, as the risk of blackouts increases as electricity demand peaks in the summer season.
Gas demand in the EU-28 dropped 26.8% last month, compared to March 2013, with year-to-date consumption down 20.1% amid an exceptionally mild winter and healthy storage levels, French investment bank Société Générale said on Wednesday.
The prevalence of producing Combined Heat and Power (CHP) at steam turbines attached to coal-fired plants is forecast to drop amid a rise in the share of combined-cycle gas turbines with CHP from 40% in 2013 to 51% by 2020,…
The high cost of LNG imports to fuel power production in Japan is pushing electricity rates higher with the latest price hike adding ¥25 ($0.24) to bills in June. This will see electricity bills reaching an average ¥8,565 ($84), the…
Nigeria needs about 10,000 kilometres of gas pipelines to transport fuel across the country to widespread power plants, GE Nigeria's president and CEO, Dr Lazarus Angbazo said. A lack of stable gas supply and a pipeline network of currently only…
Calling for bids from interested EPC companies, Namibia Power (NamPower) has started a tender process for the construction of a 250 MW thermal power plant in the coastal Erongo region at an estimated cost of $285 million.
Germany's via its trading and gas midstream arm RWE Supply & Trading – is the first European supplier that has started delivering natural gas to Ukraine's state-owned Naftogaz in a bid to help avert a fuel shortage amid escalating tensions…
U.S. technology developer FuelCell Energy (FCE) expects to contract its first European megawatt-scale gas-powered fuel cell project in 2014. "We are working on several projects right now and expect to sign some contracts for megawatt-scale plants in Europe this year,"…
In 2013, merely 12 states accounted for 80% of wind-generated electricity in the U.S., with Texas leading the way. Flexible gas peaking plants are used to backup intermittent wind power supply.
A feasibility study conducted jointly by Power Grid Company of Bangladesh Limited (PGCB) and the Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (PGCIL) will analyse the arrangements required to start exporting 100 MW of power from the gas-fired Palatana plant in India to Bangladesh.…
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