A 1,200 MW gas-fired plant in California has filed for bankruptcy protection on Tuesday, citing “inhospitable” regulations and the increasing role of renewable energy in power generation, according to media reports.

Imports of electricity from foreign grids rose 40% year on year in October in France, grid operator Rte reported.
That was amid falling nuclear production, which was down 16% year on year at 29,017 GWh. Hydro generation also fell by 21% at 3,096 GWh, further weighing on the system.

France's Engie has reached an agreement with Norway's Statoil on the renegotiation of its long-term gas supply contract.

Enel's subsidiary Enel Brasil has presented the best financial offer for the acquisition of approximately 94.8% of the share capital of Celg Distribuição, an energy distribution company that operates in the Brazilian state of Goiás, Enel said.

UK retail supplier GB Energy Supply has ceased trading “due to swift and significant increases in energy prices over recent months,” the company said in a note on its website.

Natural gas demand in Italy so far in November was some 14.7% higher year on year, led by a sharp rise in gas demand from the thermoelectric sector, an analysis of gas grid operator Snam Rete Gas data shows.

The fleet of gas-fired power plants in France is expected to be ready to support the electricity network this winter, with no particular issues expected for the French gas network, according to gas grid operators GRTgaz and TIGF.

Some 5.5 million switches have taken place in the UK this year between January and September – a 28% increase on the same period last year - energy regulator Ofgem’s data shows.

Natural gas demand from power stations across the UK hit a near six-year high on November 23, reaching 79 million cubic meters.

Ukraine's Naftogaz may be “forced to adapt” to current challenging market conditions and “to react to competitive pressure by reviewing its transit fee strategy, potentially even reducing its transit fees” the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies argued.

Gas security at global level might be less solid than what perceived, on the back of LNG markets being “less flexible than is commonly believed” a new report fro the International Energy Agency found.

The gas turbine services market is expected to reach $18.45 billion by 2021, with a compound annual growth of 4.1% between 2016 to 2021, research group MarketsandMarkets said.

Coal-fired electricity is set to be higher year on year over the coming winter, surpassing gas-fired power, which in turn is expected to see a decline in the coming months, the Energy Information Administration said.

The share of electricity generated from gas-fired power plants sold on the Italian day-ahead regulated electricity market soared to 50.7% in October, up from 37.8% the previous year, exchange manager Gestore Mercati Energetici (GME) said in its monthly report.

UK Power Reserve (UKPR) has partnered with Total Gas and Power to deliver Demand Side Response (DSR) and aggregation services to UK electricity market players.