Projects & Finance

Mexico’s state-owned CFE has contracted Siemens to provide long-term service and maintenance at four power plants with a combined capacity of 2,727 MW for a period of sixteen years.

Keen to curb corporate debts, Calpine Corp has agreed to sell its 375 MW Mankato combined-cycle gas power plant to Southern Power for $395.5 million plus working capital. The CCGT, located in Minnesota, provides electricity to Northern States Power under a 20-year tolling agreement through July 2026.

Chesapeake Utilities will commence operations of its first combined heat and power plant, Eight Flags Energy, on September 6 in Fernandina Beach, Florida. The operator anticipates the gas-fired CHP will yield cost-savings for customers on Amelia Island, while reducing the risk of grid disruptions.

Belfast Power Ltd has advanced its £280 million combined-cycle gas power project in the city’s harbour estate by securing over £5 million in funding from Crescent Capital. Proposed by the Greysteel brothers, the 400 MW CCGT project would be the first standalone CCGT project in Northern Ireland for over a decade.

Avanzia Instalaciones has placed an order for Siemens to supply key components for a 350 MW combined-cycle cogeneration plant in Mexico. The CHP project is privately-owned by Alpek, a subsidiary of Grupo Alfa. Commissioning of the overall facility is scheduled in late 2018.

Albares Renovables, an Argentinian green energy producer, has awarded Wärtsilä a turnkey order to supply a 100 MW plant, based on six 50DF dual-fuel engines running on gas and heavy fuel oil. Delivery is scheduled in early 2017 for the power plant to start up in August the same year.

Freeing up $165 million for phase-1 investment, GE officials have broken ground on a new multimodal “brilliant factory” in Welland, Ontario. The facility will initially manufacture reciprocating gas engines as well as components for compression, mechanical drive and power generation; production is due to start in early 2018.

Apex Power Group, formed in 2007 by ex-Panoche Energy executives, is getting ready to start up its 300 MW Pio Pico gas power plant in California. ”The project will go commercial next Tuesday [Aug. 30],” according to managing partner Michael King.

After nine years of planning and months of quarrels with environmentalists, Tenaska this week broke ground on its 925 MW Westmoreland combined-cycle gas power station. Operational start-up is scheduled for late 2018 when the CCGT is meant to help set a new cost of electricity standard for the PJM region.

An option to purchase 300 acres of land in Berry Hill Industrial Park allows Southern Power to invest around $250 million in realising a combined-cycle power plant in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. The site has easy access to the Williams Transco intercontinental gas pipeline.

India’s state-run North Eastern Electric Power Corporation (Neepco) has been forced to delay and downscale its combined-cycle gas power project at Monarchak after ONGC more than halved gas supply.  This meant that the 500 MW project could only be realized based on a 65.42 MW gas turbine and 36.25 MW steam turbine – ready to start as and when there'll be fuel.

Advanced Power has struck a financing deal with BlackRock’s Alternative Solutions Group, who committed to shoulder 10% of the investment of the 1,000 MW Cricket Valley combined-cycle gas power plant. Construction of the CCGT is slated to start in Q4-2016.

Shougang Jingtang Iron & Steel Co. of China has awarded an order to Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) to deliver one train of blast-furnace-gas (BFG) fired gas turbine equipment for a CCGT that Shougang Jingtang plans to build in Hebei Province.

Charlotte-based Duke Energy plans to retrofit its two Cliffside coal power plants to enable them to also burn natural gas. If successful and cost-efficient, the utility will also make similar modification at most of its remaining coal-fired plant fleet by spring 2019.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is working with GE on a pilot project on effective Distributed Energy Resource Management (DERM) in California. The aim is to maintain reliable operation of the distribution network with the increase in distributed energy through solar photovoltaic (PV) and battery storage.