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Increases to the price that power producers in India pay for natural gas fuel are set to shake up the electricity market in an attempt to boost power generation in the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has raised the gas…
Evo Morales has declared a landslide re-election victory to serving a third term as Bolivian president. Strong economic growth, mainly based on the natural resources sector, allowed Morales to tackle poverty and improve Bolivia's trade balance which guaranteed him widespread…
The Turkish Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK) has terminated the license of Zorlu Enerji's Ankara-based gas power plant after charging the operator together with 11 utilities a total of TL 5.85 million ($2.58 million) for "violating the legislation regulating the…
U.S. federal judges have dismissed a lawsuit driven by the coal lobby in the state of Nebraka against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) over more stringent greenhouse gas standards for new power plants, saying the lawsuit had "jumped the gun."
The Liberal Democrats have pledged to phase-out and ban all of the UK's coal-fired power plants without carbon capture within a decade, if they help form the next government.
Projected electricity shortages continue to plague the Philippines power network, with officials forecasting a shortfall of 800 MW by summer next year due to delays in construction works of two gas power plant projects.
As the December date for the first capacity auction is getting closer, eight projects for new gas power stations are competing with existing plants for payments under the subsidy scheme, set to take effect in 2018.
Aspirations to cash in on the U.S. shale gas revolution by exporting it as LNG to Asia, might be hampered by regulatory emission restrictions on existing power plants which necessitates to use more of the shale gas domestically for power…
The north-eastern Indian state of Assam is planning to increase the use of associated gas for power generation, according toindustries and power minister Pradyut Bordoloi. Associated gas is typically leftover from petroleum production, where it is either trapped above the reservoir or dissolved…
To avert repeated blackouts, India's power sector is in need of $250 billion investment over the next three years to add new generating capacity, update the ageing power grid and help maintain fuel supplies. ​Total investment of over $250 billion…
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