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To avert repeated blackouts, India's power sector is in need of $250 billion investment over the next three years to add new generating capacity, update the ageing power grid and help maintain fuel supplies. ​Total investment of over $250 billion…
Northern States Power, a subsidiary of U.S. utility Xcel Energy, has questioned the need for new gas-fired capacity in Minnesota following the downward revision of its power demand forecasts. Changes in the Midcontinent ISO’s reserve requirements are claimed to be…
The Nigerian government is to enact a $1.3 billion finance facility to offset legacy gas debts and help support funding in the power sector.
As the European Commission has set targets for energy efficiency in the EU's climate and energy policy framework, COGEN Europe now calls for a greater commitment to expanding combined heat and power generation capacity.
The Philippines will soon have to evolve a policy for LNG contracts as the existing concessions for gas from Malapaya runs out in 2024, Sarah Fairhurst, of the Lantau Group, Hong Kong, has told Power-Gen Asia 2014 in Kuala Lumpur. 
Russia and Iran have signed a wide ranging energy cooperation agreement that will see the two countries jointly build 8 thermal power plants in Iran. The Memorandum of Understanding signed on Tuesday provides for 2.8 GW of new generating capacity.
With seven liquefaction projects due for completion before 2018, Australia is set to overtake Qatar as the world's largest LNG exporter. However, rising domestic demand and a 'gas reservation policy' for power generators and industries in Eastern Australia may limit…
For the second time Brazil's Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) has delayed planned power auctions for new capacity. To give developers more time to submit proposals for hydro power and fossil plant projects, the auction was postponed until November…
The government of the Philippines is considering implementing emergency measures to take more direct control of the country’s power sector in order to step up generating capacity and prevent widespread electricity shortages from 2015 onward.
State-owned Egyptian Natural Gas Holding company (EGAS) has stopped supplying natural gas to the Idku liquefaction plant, operated by British Gas and GDF Suez, as the government is prioritising to dent rising gas demand for power generation instead.
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