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State leaders of India and Russia have announced plans to jointly build new power plants to meet India's rising energy demand. Power shortages cost as much as $68 billion or 0.4 per cent of total GDP per year according to Ficci, the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry.


The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI), a public-private partnership between energy and engineering companies and the UK Government, has mapped out a plan to add more district combined heat and power (CHP) capacity with a view to decarbonise the grid. One of its central projects is its Smart Systems and Heat (SSH) Programme, which is looking at ways to improve availability and delivery of efficient heating across the UK.

China's National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) has decided to increase electricity on-grid electricity tariffs for gas-fired power plants in at least eight provinces in an effort to help operators to handle cost challenges of higher gas prices.

Stornoway Diamond Corp is pushing ahead with an LNG-to-power plant for the Renard Diamond mining project instead of a diesel gen-set after a feasibility study showed the LNG option can reduce operational cost by up to $10 million over the initial eleven year mine life.

The feasibility study, authored by SNC-Lavalin Inc. and AMEC America Ltd., determined incremental capital cost of the LNG option come in at only $2.6 million over the cost of diesel gen-sets, allowing for a net payback in 4 months.

The IEA's Wind Energy Technology Roadmap report gives an outlook for future wind power capacity and the role of gas power to balance variable electricity supply. IEA analysts compare two distinct scenarios both with increased wind power - a least-cost solution to achieve emissions targets, named 2DS, and a more aggressive renewable adoption scenario, referred to as hiRen (see graph).

The U.S Public Services Commission (PSC) and Cayuga Operating Co have ruled that commercial details behind the rejected bid by New York State Electricity Generators (NYSEG) for the repowering of Cayuga Power plant must be made public.

Though Europe's CHP capacity has fractionally increased, plant utilization has dropped which risks undermining the technology's fuel savings potential, figures in Eurostat's 2013 Statistical Pocketbook 'EU Energy in Figures' show. "The CHP sector remains an untapped opportunity for energy efficiency gains," COGEN Europe commented on the findings.

Developers of gas-fired power plant projects in the UK can take some reassurance from the strike price and risk mitigation measures agreed for the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant, suggests Jim Fitzgerald, associate partner at The Advisory House.

Philippine power producer First Gen Corp has secured an initial $250 million through a bond issue for the financing of a $650-million expansion project alongside its existing 1,000 MW Sta. Rita and 500-MW San Loranzo gas-fired units in Batangas. Named the San Gabriel project, the expansion adds 500-MW of new gas-fired capacity at the site.

Advances in micro gas turbine production look set to drive growth in distributed gas power units, as they offer the potential to produce electricity at a third of current market rates. Although primarily targeted as replacement units for the $6.1billion global light-commercial boiler market, new microturbines utilising off-the-shelf components may eventually replace centralized power generating unit in some areas, according to MTT, a manufacturer of microturbines.

Smarter gas transportation networks and shipment of smaller LNG and CNG cargoes are expected to play a key role in spurring a projected 50% growth in global gas demand for power generation by 2025, finds a GE report entitled 'The Age of Gas and the Power of Networks'.

Wärtsilä, the Finnish supplier of lifecycle power solutions, has won an order for a 184 MW gas peaking power plant in Arun, northern Indonesia. The plant will utilise 19 Wärtsilä 34SG engines running on liquefied natural gas (LNG) and is planned to start operations in the second quarter of 2015.

News in Brief

Mott McDonald starts construction on ALCP6

Oct 20 – US construction firm Mott McDonald has started building the ALCP6 waste to energy project in Krabi province, southern Thailand. The plant will incinerate 144,000 tonnes per year of municipal solid waste, and the heat obtained will be converted into 6 MW of electricity to be exported to the Thai national grid.

Brace for EU sustainable finance rules

Oct 19 – Sustainable finance practices, drawn up by the European Commission, could create a "bureaucratic monster" that smaller companies and energy investors would find overbearing, the Munich-based Institute for Economic Research (ifo) warned. The regulation should hence prioritise closer scrutiny of large and listed companies.

UK could become net power exporter

Oct 16 – Increased interconnection could provide a route for excess offshore wind power in Britain to be consumed elsewhere in Europe. National Grid Interconnector Register shows up to 16 GW of interconnection could be operational by 2025 and up to 25.4 GW by 2030.

Wärtsilä to deploy GridSolv in US city

Oct 15 – AEP OnSite Partners has contracted Wärtsilä to deploy its GridSolv Quantum energy storage in the city of Martinsville, Virginia. The system includes an UL9540A limiting 2-hour battery firewall and will help lower the city’s energy costs.

Rolls-Royce spends $13.9m in Mankato

Oct 14 – Britain’s engine maker Rolls-Royce has decided to invest nearly $14 million in its Power System business to build a new R&D centre at its MTU manufacturing plant in Mankato, Minnesota, US. The expansion will see 28,000 square foot added to the facility’s existing hall, making room for the production of high-power MTU gas gensets, enhanced product testing and the creation of 20 new manufacturing positions.

Clarke commissions Vitalait power unit in Tunisia

Oct 13 – Clarke Energy and INNIO Jenbacher have completed the commissioning of an onsite power plant of a milk producer in Tunisia. The installation of another Jenbacher gas engine has increased the plant’s output to 4 MW of electricity as well as 1,100 kW of hot water and 800 kW of steam.

Secondary battery market to top $55bn

Oct 12 – Technavio expects the secondary battery market to grow by $55.62 billion through 2024, rising at an 11% rate over the forecast period. Falling costs for lithium-ion batteries as well as growing demand in Asia Pacific allowed the market to grow 2.01% this year, despite adverse effects of the pandemic. Top battery suppliers are Tesla, Clarious, Exide, LG Chem, GS Yuasa and Samsung.

Shift to sustainable tech

Oct 9 – Three quarters of utilities, surveyed by EIT InnoEnergy, are considering adopting sustainable technology over the next 12-18 months. However, over one third of the respondents found it hard to recruit the skills they need.

Generator rentals slow

Oct 8 – The rental market for power generators has slowed down due to the pandemic, with genset rentals from the oil and gas industry forecast to grow by just $153.87 million this year. However, Technavio expects the market will return to a 3% annual growth rate by 2024.

GE upgrades Italian CHP

Oct 7 – GE has completed an axial fuel staging upgrade on its 9E gas turbine at an onsite combined heat and power (CHP) plant at the Milazzo refinery in Sicily. The entire electricity needs of the refinery, over 780 GWh in 2019, will soon be supplied by the upgraded and more flexible gas turbine.

Operating assets ‘from anywhere’

Oct 6 – GE Digital’s latest software gives electric utilities remote and mobile control over their power stations for remote start-up, external monitoring and operational fine-tuning. The goal is to safe cost through autonomous operation from any location.

Chart wins order from New Fortress Energy

Oct 5 – Chart Industries has secured a second leasing order, worth $7.7 million, for ISO containers for LNG applications from New Fortress Energy for a project in the Caribbean. The US equipment maker sees double digit near-term growth in its repair, service and leasing business, notably from growing demand for LNG equipment for infrastructure.

Siemens energises Togo

Oct 2 – Siemens Energy has delivered a SGT-800 gas turbine and other components for the Kékéli Efficient Power plant project. Located in the Togolese capital Lomé, the 65 MW plant will cover almost 40% of country’s expected electricity demand.

Batteries get cheaper

Oct 1 – Cost for battery production is falling rapidly as manufacturers bring large Gigafactories on-line. By 2030, Bloomberg New Energy Finance anticipates battery pack prices to drop to $73 per kilowatt-hour, down from a current volume-weighted average of below $270/kWh.

Barclays may help fund Rolls-Royce

Sept 30 – UK’s prime engine maker Rolls-Royce is understood to be close to getting fresh financing from Barclays Bank. The Derby-based company, however, insists no final decision has been taken on the precise amount that may be raised or any allotment of shares to any investor.

Petronas to truck LNG to off-grid users

Sept 29 – Petronas Dagangan Group is gearing up to build a LNG truck delivery service for off-grid customers in Peninsular Malaysia. Trucks fitted with cryogenic tanks will bring the super-chilled fuel to remote industries and small-scale power generators with no access to the natural gas grid. Malaysia’s Peninsular Gas Utilisation (PGU) pipeline is only 2,500 kilometers in length and was initially built to export gas to Singapore.

Siemens to reduce emissions at NLNG

Sept 28 – Nigeria LNG has contracted Siemens Energy to provide a cryogenic boil-off gas (BOG) compression train for its liquefaction plant on Bonny Island. The new BOG train will be driven by an high-efficiency electric motor and includes two compressors. Manufactured in Duisburg, Germany, the equipment will be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2021.

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